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WFJ: I have downloaded HEAVEN’S BLUEPRINT

5 April 2012 2 Comments

Prayer Power (Thurs, March 5, 2012)

REST: I went to bed at 9:00 pm after sending emails to be a good steward with people and resources I am connected with. I fell asleep quickly and slept like a baby until 4:35 am when Maui got me up. After feeding Maui and letting her outside briefly, I went back to bed. However, I did not fall back to sleep, so I lay still resting and reflecting in a semi-alpha sleep grateful for the downloads from heaven I was receiving through the Holy Spirit. I got up at 6:15 am.

ABIDE: When I got up, I immediately went to my office to journal on my computer. I felt so good, so inspired. The first thing I opened was Textpad to begin journaling on a blank page. Then I opened Cool Timer to intentionally connect with God every 15 minutes. Finally, I opened iTunes. I had been prompted to listen to David Teems to start.

Jesus, thank You for another good night’s rest in a warm, comfortable bed next to Julia in our safe home. Thank you for the wonderful neighborhood we live in. Thank You for working all things for my good as one who loves You and is called according to Your purposes. Thank You for the measure of FAITH You have given me. Thank You for this wonderful habit of journaling. Thank You for the richness of our relationship. Thank You for never being too busy to commune with me. Thank You for being forever faithful. Thank You for being the perfect model of LOVE for me. Thank You for Your everlasting love.

Thank You for the JOY in my heart that bubbles over. Thank You for the passion within me that so many other people notice and are drawn to. Thank You for the many, many words of encouargment that have been spoken over me. Thank You for all the people who want me to succeed.

Thank You for the gift of CLARITY. Thank You for the ability to hear Your voice and to see what My Father is doing. Thank You for my Kingdom assignment. Thank You for closing doors that no man could open and opening doors that no man could close to guide me safely on my journey to fulfill my God-given destiny.

Thank You for leading me yesterday to take a close look in the mirror to see and renounce my many sins and those of my ancestors. It’s my heart desire to be holy as You command. It’s my heart’s desire to live a live of truth, faith, and righteousness that draws people to you.

My #1 challenge has been STRIVING, trying to do things in my own strength instead of letting You open the doors for me and leading me into a life of FREEDOM. I’m ready to let go. I’m ready to surrender all I have. I thought I had done that, but clearly that was not the case.

Heal my soul! Heal my soul! Remember Oh LORD Your great mercy and love. (song by David Teems)

Joseph, thank you for setting aside this time to commune with Me. Thank You for your passion for Me and My Word. Thank You for your desire to surrender all you are and all you have to Me. Thank you for your habit of journaling to record our journey together. Thank you for your intimacy with me. Thank you for modeling a life of faith. Thank you for making REST a priority. Thank you for all the good seeds you have sown.

I want you to send an email to Bruce Cook today to thank him for opening the huge door of opportunity for you at KEYS LA. Refer him to the MMM video. Ask him to pray for his eyes of understanding to be opened before he watches that.

Know that I do all things well. Every “detour” you have been on has been intentional to position you where you are now. I have humbled you greatly so you have a heart for the hurting. I have blessed you with a heart to bless widows and orphans. I have blessed you with a heart to bless the poor. I have blessed you to think with both your head and heart for maximum impact.

I have downloaded HEAVEN’S BLUEPRINT to allow you to coach people to leverage their time to magnify their impact 30-60-100 fold in just 12 months.

I have positioned you to soon be a millionaire. I have given you the confidence to know what you are offering is worth a fortune to those who are willing to believe, receive, and invest. I AM Jehovah God, the great I AM. With Me all things are possible to those who believe. I AM a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. You have been diligently seeking Me. Others who do so are attracted to you.

Thank you for launching the UNCOMMON Journaling For Divine Destiny coaching program that leads naturally into Master’s Mind Marketing. That is your sweet spot. Journaling truly is THE KEY to unlock people’s dreams and destinies. I have given you that key. As you teach others to teach others, you will prosper greatly. That is your SWEET SPOT. You have danced around that. Now you have finally embraced it. Thank you.

I’m dancing with joy because of your breakthroughs. I rejoice greatly in seeing you bear much fruit. That is My heart’s desire. I AM a God of life and abundance, not a God of poverty and lack. Where I go, miracles happen, the sick are healed, the blind see. Where you go, I AM with you. You will do greater things than Me because that is My promise in My Word and you have the faith to believe.

The Harvard study showed that the 3% of people who had written goals earned more than the other 97% combined. That was even in the natural. But I have taught you how to journal to experience the supernatural.

I AM unlocking the riches of heaven for you because you have shown yourself faithful in stewarding the the little things. Thank you for your willingness to examine yourself and make changes to be able to model consistent character. That was Me speaking to you through Tara’s PowerPoint message yesterday. I do all things well.

This week’s Sunday Inspiration is to be titled “The Three Most Powerful Words.” The one the next week is to be titled “Release Your God Stories, Ideas, and Gifts To The World.” That is what I want My children to do.

I want you to email Randy Simmons and Tom Barrett to ask them to watch the MMM video before today’s meeting. Include the content from Slide 2 of your presentation in your email. That is a blueprint for dealing with everyone.

Email Michael Oswald to ask him to draft the $5,000/month and $14,400/month contracts.

That’s enough for now. Enjoy your day! BE blessed, I AM with you. My favor is upon you. GREAT GRACE is your keyword for 2012. Believe and receive that.

Morning Thoughts

  • For the STL Religion class today, discuss SMARTT goals. Ask Samantha to apply this regarding the star she wants to host on a webinar. Apply this to the iPads the kids want. Thank You Jesus.
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  • Diane said:

    I emailed you several months once ago and I was lamenting about my son, Shaun, being bedridden and so ill. You were so kind to email me back. I am becoming more and more alarmed that Shaun has not been healed and the more we pray the worse he gets. He either has Lyme, MS, Lupus or fibermyalgia. He was raised in the Word. He is saved and spirit filled. He lives in pain 24/7. Doctors just shake their heads and are unable to help him. His newest blood work is now showing two genes have mutated in him. I have never seen such a bizarre situation. Shaun has lost all his good years. He became sick at 15. He will be 30 Saturday. My husband and I are his caretakers. I am a spirit filled born again mom and adore the Lord. We are not mad at God. We love God, Yeshua and Rauch Ha Kodesh. Every kind of spiritual warfare has been done, every kind of prayer, every kind of deliverance, every kind of believing by faith, we have been to 50 doctors, we have spent all of our retirement and now live in a trailer (from a 3,000 sq ft new house). We are humble. Our son has not been able to attend Thanksgiving or Passover or Christmas with us in 5 years. He is bedridden. God is not getting any GLORY out of this affliction. None. Do you have any feedback. I am simply aghast.

  • Dr. Joseph Peck (author) said:

    Hi Diane,

    Thank you for re-connecting. I remember your email from several months ago. Within a few weeks of that, our dog Maui came down with Lyme Disease. She got so sick and so fast, but fortunately recovered quickly with the right diagnosis and treatment. I thought about you and your son often as I was treating Maui. As I researched Lyme Disease, it was very concerning how wide-spread this disease is.

    Regarding giving God the glory with your son’s illness, one thought that comes to mind is possibly having him share a short (1-3 minute) video message daily as he reads or listens to the Word of God or some other inspirational source.

    Sharing is extremely powerful and will allow God’s fresh living waters to flow through Shaun into the lives of other hurting people. Just knowing you are changing one life making living so much more meaningful.

    Spiritual journaling is simply recording your God story as it happens. Journaling may include writing, talking (audio), video, photos, etc. Try this for 30 days and see what happens.

    Blessings for a big breakthrough after all these years of faithfulness!


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