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We are a team of Christ-centered leaders committed to EXCELLENCE in the pursuit of DISCIPLING the NATIONS.

Our Vision is:

To raise up a Global Network of Christ-centered business and thought leaders who are equipped, empowered and strategically connected to release their God stories, ideas, and gifts in order to:

  • Create massive impact world-wide for the Kingdom
  • Spawn new inventions, technologies, businesses and ministries that provide Heaven’s solutions to political, economic, and social problems
  • Experience supernatural leverage, increase and favor in their lives and those of their families

To be Global Leaders who catalyze the flow of billions of dollars to lift up and care for widows, orphans, the poor and the needy

To be recognized as a valuable source of Godly counsel to government, educational, business and media leaders

Our passion is to help YOU discover and fulfill your DIVINE DESTINY.

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Everyone who accomplishes great things in this world has a TEAM. But which team is right for you? Which team will come alongside you so you can accomplish BIG things for God?

EAGLES see the BIG PICTUREBy choosing to partner with TeamDestiny777 you will work with a TEAM OF EAGLES who have a commitment to excellence, integrity, and impact! We are each committed to discipling the TRIBE that God gives us.

  • Eagles make things happen
  • Eagles see and seize opportunities
  • Eagles influence others
  • Eagles add value to others
  • Eagles possess an uncommonly great attitude
  • Eagles have excellent relationship skills
  • Eagles have an eagle track record of success
  • Eagles think differently
  • Eagles continually grow
  • Our team goal is to bless you to SOAR in your leadership!

Our objective is to feed God’s sheep. As we feed and equip you, you will then be able to feed and equip others. This leads to supernatural MULTIPLICATION and LEVERAGE.

Value We Offer

  • KINGDOM CONNECTIONS: We connect people, ideas, and resources in Christ for MIRACLES
  • NEW OPPORTUNITES: We open the doors wider for YOU
  • EXPOSURE: We help YOU get bigger audiences
  • BREAKTHROUGH LIFE COACHING: We provide online coaching to help YOU discover and fulfill your destiny
  • Supernatural Multiplication and LEVERAGE: We train and equip you to share your God stories, products, and services with the WORLD to potentially see a 30, 60, or even 100 fold increase in your IMPACT in just 12 months

Criteria For Belonging to our TRIBE

  • Actively support God’s billion soul vision by encouraing and supporting TRIBE members
  • Have a Passion/Desire to disciple the nations – global vision demonstrated by action communicating with the world on at least a weekly or monthly basis
  • Have a means to communicate with the world – minimum of a blog with a method for people to subscribe
  • Agree to TeamDestiny777’s Core Values
  • Embrace the JIREH Marketing philosophy = Journaling + Coaching + Web 2.0+++ for Explosive Kingdom Impact
  • People become members by invitation of Holy Spirit through other TeamDestiny777 members

Learn More About TeamDestiny777

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Blessings to choose to LEVERAGE YOUR TIME and LIFE!


Joseph's storyJoseph Peck, M.D.
Blessed to be a blessing
Dr. Breakthrough, THE CONNECTOR, and The Journal Guy
Leadership and Dream Coach, 30-60-100 Increases
Creative Marketing and Communication Specialist

Empower 2000, Inc.
Changing Lives to Disciple Nations

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